Brambazak – Частна целодневна градина Бръмбазък
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    Foreign languages
    We offer everyday classes and communication in English.
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    We understand the importance of a smooth adaptation and integration to the new environment.
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    Extracurricular activities
    We aim at developing each child’s talents by offering a variety of additional sport and art activities.


By adapting and developing a positive connection to the surrounding environment, we successfully earn the trust of kids and parents.


We are certified under an official program of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and also, we are building it up with many additional activities.


For us in Brambazak, games are the best approach to learning. Our kids have the freedom to play in a secure and responsible environment.
About Us

Private whole-day nursery and kindergarten Brambazak is the place where kids get the freedom, action and adventure they need in a responsible and friendly atmosphere. Our mission is to create a fabulous world for the little ones and to build trust with their parents to feel confident that their darlings are getting the best in these years of development.

The House

The house of Brambazak has a central location in Oborishte neighborhood and has spacious and bright rooms with conditions for a lot of movement, dynamic activities and children's games, entirely tailored to the needs of the children. Our staff is young and motivated, dedicated entirely to the care, education and training of the kids.

Nursery and kindergarten "Brambazuk" provides full-day medical supervision and daily examinations. The medical cabinet is fully equipped, the specialist who takes care of your children has extensive pediatric experience and controls food and hygiene in the infirmary.

The Outdoor

The large, green and sunny yard offering with a variety of games and play installations for every age group, is the favorite spot for children. We believe that they develop best when they have the feeling of freedom and much of their time is devoted to play. Outdoor play is an integral part of our daily activities!

With us the children enjoy both the nice weather during the warm months and the exercises in the yard, as well as the pleasant winter days when we make smiling snowmen. Our only limitations for outdoor activities are the very low temperatures, the rain and the fog.

The Approach Brambazak

It is a pleasure for us to take care of the development of kiddos. In the nursery and kindergarten, we rely on a multitude of tasks and do not limit the children in a one-sided manner - we think that every child is different and therefore needs a suitable individual approach to discover and develop his / her own talents and preferences.

Every achievement is important. Every day we track children's personal sports, intellectual and creative achievements, encourage them to take up new endeavors, and they in turn reward us with a successful adaptation to the environment, a desire for self-expression and a good self-esteem.


Adaptation of children is the first and highly important step towards their good experience in nursery and kindergarten. That is why we are adapting the process to the individual needs of each child and expecting parents to engage and act responsibly if necessary.

Menu and Medical Supervision

Kids' nursery and kindergarten Brambazak provides full-day medical supervision, daily examinations. Twice a year we organize dental check-ups. A healthy and tasty menu delivered by kids' kitchen Bulgarche, including fruits, vegetables, fresh juices and seasonal smoothies, is served every day and is adapted to the age and physical requirements of the little ones.