Adaptation-en – Brambazak



Every child goes through a transition period when they enter the kindergarten and we call it adaptation. The individuality of the child defines the necessary time and means for the adjustment to take place. We offer a few ways for this to happen but you need to have in mind that your participation is of great importance. We apply the Berlin adjustment model if this would be your desire, though we assure you that we helped many children to adapt without using it, or we can offer you help from our friends – the specialists from “Mestentseto”, who we trust all our hearts with for this difficult and responsible task.

A few words from them:

‘’ We have a special relationship with each child and we have tremendous respect for every parent who trusted us. In our colorful world we do not divide game from learning; we do not stop asking questions and looking for ways to develop; we know that there are no right and wrong answers,l that knowledge is dynamic and lasting only when you experience it and you want it! We focus on the strengths and interests of the children and we support them to improve and develop as individuals.”